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find yourself...on moso island

watermark on moso | a unique waterfront holiday retreat and cultural experi​ence | moso island vanuatu


Kastom stories tell of marlin being caught in Havannah Harbour, and that's inn your front yard at Watermak on Moso! While that might be some time ago, there are definitely some big fish around...GT, tuna, wahoo, mackerel, big barracuda and may even see them swimming past the reef looking for some unsuspecting breakfast on a calm day at high tide....awesome.

You are welcome to grab the dugout, go out past the reef fish and drop a line. There’s usually some decent trevally off Watermark. They are good fighters and exceptional eating. Your host can even show you how to throw a cast-net if there’s baitfish about.

Inside-harbour, around-island, or inter-island fishing trips on a local boat can be arranged through your host.

Marlin and yellowfin fishing charter boats are also just across the harbour for those seeking the ultimate fight. If you get amongst the action, feel free to give any fish you don’t use to the village. It would be most appreciated and never wasted.

Be aware that some reef fish are considered ‘poison’ by the locals. Polyps-eating, smaller fish can be infected by a toxin called ciguatera, and when that fish is eaten by a larger one, the infection can be carried up the food chain. It’s rare but it is real. There’s no real test for ciguatera, but the locals usually know how to spot it. It’s a bit nasty so if in doubt, don’t eat it…

For those with a love of crustaceans, large red reef crabs are delicious, as are the bugs…and the local lobster is a treat. Be prepared to pay a fair price for it as they need to be hunted and caught at night some distance away, but you won’t get fresher…or tastier!

While there are fish aplenty, there are days when they can be just like fish anywhere; being there is one thing, biting another! Don't give up, and remember the early bird gets the worm...