Cultural Experiences and Adventures

We can connect you with whatever it is that float's your boat. Some suggestions are below, and each can be customised to suit your time, passion and budget. Simply chat with your host to find out more. Do all, some or's about life, done your way. All are the result of collaboration between Watermark on Moso and the people of Moso. Many remain exclusive only to guests of Watermark. 

Turtle and Dugong Spotting (seasonal)

Village Tour

Garden (Local farms) and Custom Medicine Tour

Kastom Storian and Legends (Hosted by a Moso Chief)

Local School Tour

Village Cooking Lessons (In a village home)

Lap Lap Experience

Kava Tasting

Bush Walks

Mat and Basket Weaving

Havannah Harbour Boat Tour

Restaurant Hopping

Around-Moso Island Tour (Weather permitting) Including Moso cave

Explore Undine Bay and Nguna Island

Snorkel Adventures

Remote Beach Picnic

Local Boat Fishing Trips

Beach-Stay (Overnight on a secluded beach)

Daylight Spearfishing Adventure

After-Dark Spearfishing Experience (with locals)

Efate Shopping Transfers (Optional Central Market Tours)

Blue Lagoon, Hot Springs, Caves, WWII Plane Wrecks and more...just tell us what you want to do!