Getting There

Getting to Watermark on Moso is straight-forward, part of the Vanuatu adventure, and will hopefully start the process of slowing you down to something resembling 'island-time'.

The trip involves a scenic 30-40 minute trip from Port Vila to Havannah Harbour, on the North side of Efate, followed by a five minute ride along an unsealed track to the village of Meten, where Moso Landing is located. Moso Landing has a floating jetty, but little else. From here we will pick you up for a short 5 minute boat ride to our jetty at Watermark on Moso. 

If we have arranged transfers, our driver will already be ready to stop at the local supermarket along the way, otherwise, ask your own driver to stop at the 'Au Bon Marche at Menples'. Be aware that liquor sales at all retailers in Vanuatu cease from 11am Saturday to first thing Monday morning, so you might want to factor that into your duty-free purchases.

Local Bus: Most people travel around by local bus (9 to 12 seaters). They are identified with a red letter 'B' at the beginning of their number plate. They are micro-businesses run by locals. All legit, through some are in better condition than others. There are literally hundreds driving around the streets of Port Vila during daylight hours and evenings, but you won't usually find one at the airport unless it has been pre-arranged. We can help with that, just give us your flight-time and number. The driver will be one of our regulars, and waiting for you toward the front of the terminal. He will have a sign with your name on it. At the time of writing the fare from Vila to Moso Landing is 7,000Vt. Please pay him direct. Prices can vary a bit, particularly with very early/late transit times.

Taxi: Taxi's are available at the airport when flights arrive. Most will make the journey to Havannah Harbour. If not, ask the next one in line. Like most cities, they will be a bit dearer than public transport. Taxi's are identified with a red 'T' at the beginning of the number plate and are unmetered in Vanuatu. . Expect at least 8,000-9000Vt to get you over to Moso landing. If you are transferring from a hotel, they will be able to help arrange a taxi. Discuss the price before you book.

Car Hire: Most international car hire companies have a desk at the airport, but you will need to pre-book. Car hire is not cheap in Vanuatu, but the cars are usually well maintained and modern. You can drive on an equivalent international license but remember to keep right, not left while driving...Vanuatu has left hand drive vehicles! Parking is available at Moso landing for those that bring a car. A fee of 500 VT per car per night is changed by the Kenneth, the landowner at Moso Landing to keep your car safe. Please pay parking to your boat driver as you return to Moso Island on Check-out. If you are coming by car, let us know and we will give you directions.

Helicopter: Helicopters can be arranged to fly you from the airport, right onto Moso Island,..just a couple of minutes walk away from Watermark. Is it cheap? No. Memorable? Definitely! Contact Vanuatu Helicopters for more information.  

Boat Transfers to Moso Island on Check-in and Check-out: This is usually done in our recently acquired 4.85m Sea-Al. An additional boat is available for large groups with lots of luggage at an additional fee of 1000vt. Your host will meet you at Moso Landing and will help you load your luggage. It's a short putt across the beautiful Havannah Harbour to our jetty, enjoying a chat about the area on the way. 

Cost of transfers on Check-in and Check-out are complimentary if you are staying at The Farea or The Sorrento. We will use our own boat and drop you at our jetty.

For Solace, we need to hire a local boat to drop you off on the beach. That costs 1,500 VT per boat (not per person) per trip. It is the same price as locals pay to go across the harbour. Please pay directly to the skipper. 

Aditional trips across to Moso landing can be arranged from our jetty, using the sea-al, for 1000vt per boat, per crossing. We can also drop you pretty much anywhere on the Havannah shoreline. Where the sea-al can't go, a local banana boat can, so it's just a matter of how far and which boat. Talk to your host about prices.  

If you have special requirements or additional questions, please contact us. If it is possible to help, we will. 

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