What to Bring...

Watermark on Moso is on an island without any shops. The general rule is to bring whatever you intend to eat, drink or do for the number of days you'll be staying...plus a little bit more just in case.

Supplies can be purchased in Vila before you come over to Moso. Havannah Harbour has a small provision shop (called Havannah Store) but range and prices vary considerably to the supermarkets in Vila

We hope the narrative below will help you compile your 'bring-list'...

Kitchen: Sugar, salt, pepper, some spices, aluminium foil, cling wrap, dishwashing liquid and implements, tea towels, and all eating and cooking utensils are supplied, including teapots and a small coffee grinder (the local Tanna and Arore coffee beans are fantastic) but you should bring everything else you're planning to eat or drink. Tank water is filtered and usually in good supply. Don't worry, if you have forgotten a staple, the locals have their way at sourcing things and Vila is only a bus trip away using local cross-island transport...an experience in itself

Bathroom: Complimentary soap and shampoo is provided but if you prefer your own brands, please bring them. All bathroom linen, toilet paper, air freshener and tissues are supplied. Please leave your hair dryer in your bag,. Watermark is completely off grid and the solar inverter will not likely handle the power draw.

Bedroom: All bedding for the queen bed and double pull-out is supplied. Extra pillows and blankets can be found if you need them. A fold-up cot is available for the very young ones.

First Aid and Prevention: A First Aid kit is supplied but we recommend you bring along your own sunscreen, personal insect repellant, antiseptic cream, band aids and whatever else you like to carry on your travels.

Clothing: Most days and nights you'll be dressed in little more than shorts and a loose shirt at best, but during the winter months we recommend a light jacket...if there's wind about, nights on the verandah can chill down a bit. Cover up on hot days in the boat...sunburn on a holiday can be a drag. If you want to explore the island off the main custom tracks, some walking shoes and a couple of water bottles are a good idea.

Moving at Night: Please bring a torch or headlamp, just in case you decide to pop down to the nearby resort or visit the locals after dark.

In the Water: Reef shoes are a must. Please don't venture onto the reef without them as coral cuts can get cranky. Some masks and snorkels are available for your use (you'll not need flippers to swim to the reef....it's right out front) as is some basic fishing gear. Serious adventurers should bring their own equipment. 

On the Water: Kayaks are available anytime and lifejackets are also provided. A custom dugout canoe is also sometimes on site and can be launched by contacting Kalo with a bit of notice. Ask him about canoes...he has carved 36 of them! The sun can be a killer on the water, so bring a rashie, hat and sunnies!

Fishing: We don't like to fish off the front of Watermark...many of these fish have co-existed with with us for years and eating them would be yuk! Only the 'around island' tour and 'reef fishing' tour have fishing equipment supplied, so if you are an avid fisher-person, please BYO equipment. Bait is sometimes available in Vila. If not, it will have to be gathered in cast nets before you go. Bring pelagic lures and jiggers just in case.

Books and Games: Help yourself to any book you find, and feel free to leave any you've finished for the next guest. Any games you find are for your enjoyment. Please let us know if they are incomplete. There are no electronic gaming devices. Old-school interaction is much better. 

Internet: Mobile phone coverage is good on the harbour-side of Moso. Data roaming is adequate...just. Watermark has some complementary wifi that will be enough for casual users, and additional data allowance can be purchased if you need it. Reliability is improving, but there are times when connectivity just goes on holiday and there's nothing to be done. Streaming of radio and music is usually pretty good in the morning, but can sometimes get choked at night. If you need some serious data connectivity to work on holiday, it is best arrange your own MiFi (personal wifi) with one of the suppliers at the airport.

Music and TV: A bluetooth micro sound system is available for your use. Local radio stations are usually un-gettable on Moso. We hope that will improve soon.  There is no TV in 'The Farea' by choice. The two bedroom 'The Sorrento' will have a TV screen and dvd player. A range of DVD's are available. 

If there's something specific to your needs, that is not covered above please don't hesitate to contact us.

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